Journalist, television presenter and best-selling author Ned Boulting presents for the first time an honest, self-effacing ride through the world of Bikeology, which we’re sure will feature a mention or two of the Tour of Britain from his many year’s work on the race.

What drives the cyclist (apart from a sturdy, well-oiled chain) to such ecstasies of endurance? What curious, deep-rooted passions are aroused by the sight of a simple pair of padded shorts? And what on earth is a derailleur? 

From the humble commuter to the winner of the Tour de France, Boulting takes an off-centre look at what it means to ride a bike, drawing on his own underwhelming adventures in the saddle to his fourteen summers spent hurtling around France in pursuit of the sport’s biggest names including no less than Cavendish, Wiggins, Froome and of course Armstrong. 


A breakneck descent through the history of the sport followed by a lung-bursting climb into the present day – all two-wheeled life is here. Keep your wits about you, as you could be up on stage to compete in the ultimate test of bicycle maintenance against some of the biggest names in the sport!

You can find out more about the Bikeoloy tour and all of the dates by clicking on with the Tour running from 19 October in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk through to 23 November at the Clapham Grand in London.

You can also check out a special video promoting Bikeology from Ned and his ITV4 commentary partner David Millar below.