Sunday’s final day time trial in central London saw defending champion Sir Bradley Wiggins move up to third overall with victory against the clock, an important step towards the World Time Trial Championships later this month.

After winning the Stage 8a Time Trial, presented by Transport for London, his second victory against the watch in the Friends Life Tour of Britain, Wiggins reflected on the 2014 race, and looked ahead to the World Championships in Spain.

“There was never any realistic chance of me getting the yellow jersey but I was more than pleased with that ride and it confirms that I'm in the shape that I thought I was in going into the worlds next week. On a time-trial that short and having done some track over the summer it was just a perfect effort for me. It was just a shame it wasn't a little bit longer!

“In terms of racing this Tour of Britain felt like I was lacking at the start of the week, just intensity, race days. But I think as the race has gone on I haven't fatigued. I haven't gone downhill. I feel like I've got better every day and I'm coping with the intensity a bit better every day. I was sort of fit for one thing coming here, with only 34 days racing this year, so I feel like to be here now a week on, in third place, just 20-odd seconds off, I'm pretty pleased with that.

“It was the toughest Tour of Britain I've ridden. Six or seven years ago it was 130-140km stages. This year we've had 200km & 225km and just the way we've raced. Most people say it's the hardest race they've done all year. It's certainly lived up to the previews; people were touting it as the toughest edition.”

Wiggins confirmed that this week was almost certainly the last time he sought General Classification honours in a stage race. From this point onwards he will be looking to regain weight and muscle with a view to concentrating on the Team Pursuit at the 2016 Rio Olympics and if he rides the road it will be for endurance training, and as a domestique. 

“It's easy to sort of think 'I'd love to have another crack next year', but then I have to start thinking bigger picture, rather than just short term, this winter. And if I am serious about Rio, which I am, it's easy to get roped in when you come to things like this. There has to be a point where I make that switch and with the winter months ahead now I have time to go and change body shape and things like that. 

“Looking to the Worlds later this month I think my ride today shows I've got all the bands covered, the bands of intensity. It's kind of like a linear thing, time-trialling. If that top end's there like that to ride an effort like that, once you scale it down a bit in terms of power it’s a good sign for a ride of over an hour. 

“It probably suits me a little bit better than it did last year over him [Tony Martin]. At the same time there's an element of the unknown with Tony, where he's at the moment. He's been so dominant and it's whether he's sustained that. He won the time-trial at the Vuelta, but it wasn't as convincing as he has been in the past, like at the Tour. It's one of those things. It's so unknown. I feel in the form I'm in I'll be in the ball-park. We'll see on the day. I thought I'd be closer to him last year and he put 42 seconds into me. You can't really predict what others are going to do.”