Following this morning’s announcement that this year’s Tour of Britain will be postponed and the planned route now take place in September 2021 we wanted to provide more information on the decision, including answers to some of the more frequently asked questions.

How has the decision been made?

“Organisers SweetSpot have been holding regular meetings with British Cycling and venue stakeholders throughout March and April to discuss the situation and the latest developments.

“The decision has been made jointly with all parties in unanimous agreement about the course of action, which we believe is the most socially responsible outcome.”

Why have you made the decision now?

“We have made the decision now for a number of reasons, including having reviewed the latest information from the Government and other authorities and how that impacts on the work planned by ourselves and local authorities during May, June and July, and the likelihood of spectator sport being able to take place in September.

“At this point we wanted to provide certainty for our venues and local authority hosts who we recognise are now facing unprecedented challenges on their resources and seeking certainty over plans for the second half of 2020.

“There are a number of impending statutory deadlines in the coming weeks with the police and highways authorities that we are required to meet, not just for our routes and road closures, but also for the community and ancillary events around the Tour of Britain, at starts, finishes and along the route each day. These events are key to the reasons why many venues choose to host the Tour of Britain, so without them they are unable to fully enjoy the many health, community and economic benefits of hosting a professional race.

“Additionally there are a number of practicalities to consider around the event, including international travel and any required quarantine for teams and riders, and the availability of accommodation at a suitable level, with the Tour of Britain requiring around 4,500 hotel nights during the race.

“Following the publication of their WorldTour calendar, the UCI are due to this month publish their full 2020 calendar, including UCI ProSeries events like the Tour of Britain, so we only thought it fair to be clear on our position beforehand to enable teams and riders to plan their racing calendar.”

What will happen now in September / the rest of 2020?

“We are discussing with all of our stakeholders about the potential to still mark the Tour of Britain in some form in September if conditions allow, but this will not be with a professional race, and hope to be able to announce news of this in the coming weeks.

“Over the coming months we will also maintain our regular conversations with British Cycling to explore any opportunities for professional events, if conditions should allow, during the final quarter of 2020 and beyond.”

What will happen to the venues that you have already announced for 2020?

“We are working with all of our venue stakeholders across Britain to enable the fantastic route from Penzance to Aberdeen that we had planned for this September to instead take place in September 2021.

“We are pleased to say that all of the areas previously announced for this year’s Tour of Britain (Cornwall, Devon, Warrington, Cumbria and Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire) will move to September 2021 and fans can continue to look forward to the Tour of Britain visiting each of them.”

What will happen to the planned Grand Depart from Aberdeen in 2021?

“Our current focus with EventScotland, Aberdeen City Council and Aberdeenshire Council is on re-arranging this year’s plans to September 2021. Once we have finalised arrangements then we will of course look at plans for 2022 and beyond and how they may or may not be affected by today’s decision.”

When will the Tour of Britain 2021 route be announced?

“We will aim to announce the full route for the Tour of Britain 2021 in September should conditions allow the remaining route planning to be finalized in the interim.”