Two yellow woolly bikes are on display at the Musgrave monument in Penrith as the local community gets ready to celebrate the Aviva Tour of Britain coming to Eden District on Thursday 10 September 2015.

Creating the two woolly bikes has involved many different people and a wide variety of skills. The bikes have been ‘yarnbombed’, which means they have been completely covered with yarn of all types, including wool, acrylic, and cotton.

The bike yarnbomb project was started to mark the tour of Britain passing through Eden on 10 September, so it was decided that a base colour of yellow would work well, to represent the winner’s yellow jersey, with a theme of ‘the garden of Eden’, to allow for a lot of colourful yarn flowers to decorate the bike.

""Most of the work has been done by a group of Mums who gather on a Thursday morning for tea, cake, coffee, chat, craft, and company for themselves and their children.  As the group crafts with children in tow, the mums decided to decorate a child’s bike as well as the adult bike. Individual women took on mini projects to crochet and knit the bell cover and ladybird, the bike seats, wheel and spoke covers, helmet, garden creatures and a plethora of flowers.

It became a real community project and the small bike travelled to Beaconside School, where some of the year one children (going into year two in September) helped to wrap it, and made Pom-Pom spiders, bees, and caterpillars, woolly flowers and butterflies. The children’s bike also went to The Vic Community Cafe in Culgaith, and children and adults added some more wrapping and made fabulous Pom-Poms of all colours.

The bikes were wrapped at three craft groups, including Lettuce Craft, where many of the Mums initially started to meet for craft sessions.

The yarn has been wrapped, crocheted, knitted, knotted, finger knitted, French knitted, spun, weaved, plaited, twisted, made into Pom-Poms, sewn (and finally glued!) onto the bikes.

Anyone who would like to see pictures of the bikes throughout the whole yarnbombing process, can find them on the Rainbow Rose Crochet Facebook page. For more information about the Aviva Tour of Britain in Eden visit

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